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Thread: Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept 2019

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    Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept 2019

    05 March 2019

    The new Alfa Romeo Tonale concept car, electrification meets beauty and dynamism

    • The concept car of the first Alfa Romeo compact plug-in hybrid SUV is making its debut at the Geneva International Motor Show.
    • The Tonale Concept Car is joining the growing segment that interprets the trademark language of beauty of Alfa Romeo. It is a compact utility vehicle with an urban vocation and an athletic personality.
    • The distinctive features of Italian style are projected into the future, striking the perfect blend of valued heritage and anticipation of new precepts.
    • In keeping with the Alfa Romeo manifesto, every detail is designed according to the driver's needs.
    • Driving pleasure lies in ergonomics, high-quality materials and, above all, unparalleled dynamism.
    • The Tonale Concept Car is the Alfa Romeo take on electrification. State-of-the-art technology and proverbial driving dynamics meet to grasp the opportunities and provide tangible answers to new challenges.
    • Also in the spotlight Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio "Alfa Romeo Racing" special editions equipped with an exclusive carbon fibre Aero Kit designed in partnership with Sauber Engineering.

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    AR Tonale Concept #2

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    Ah yes, the toenail...
    "Kimi, can you improve on your [race] finish?"
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    Named after my favorite '90s R&B group: Tony! Toni! Tonale!
    I'm dropping out to create a company that starts with motorcycles, then cars, and forty years later signs a legendary Brazilian driver who has a public and expensive feud with his French teammate.

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    Alfa Romeo Tamale (or Tomalley) concept! Named either after a Mexican dish or the head butter in a lobster or shrimp.

    Delicious no matter which way you serve it!

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