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Thread: Queens English Car Show

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    Queens English Car Show

    This Sunday is the Queen's English Car Show at Woodley Park in the San Fernando Valley. It is always a terrific show with great cars, a lot of visitors, free for spectators, and Jay Leno always shows up with an exotic or highly unusual car. It's a great way to spend the day. I usually take both of my XKRs, my X100 'vert and my X150 coupe. This year i will only be bringing my silver coupe. Hopefully some local forum members will show up and introduce themselves. I'll be sitting next to my coupe with several Jaguar forum friends.
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    Wow, very cool! Welcome to UCP by the way. Very nice to see older cars around.

    I honestly don't care what marque, I just appreciate the time and energy owners spend to keep them running.

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    Thanks NSX-type R.
    Although I'll be taking my 2010 XKR tomorrow, the real joy of the show comes from seeing the oldies like the classic E-types, the old Lotuses, the original Mini Coopers, the Singers, etc..... I've always had a hankering for older sports cars from the 1960-1970 era, especially Italian designed cars. It's why when I went out looking for a sports car 16 years ago, I ended up with my Pantera. And by the way, I have 3 friends who have NSXs including one who just bought his a few weeks ago.
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    The Queen's English Car Show took place yesterday at Woodley Park in Van Nuys. Several hundred great British cars showed up including everything from bug eyed Sprites to Rolls Royces and everything in between. A very warm, sunny day greeted exhibitors and spectators alike and there were some incredible vehicles. I attended with my 2010XKR coupe but most of the 50 or so Jaguars were older of the E-type-XK150 vintage. Same with MGs, Lotuses, Austin Healeys, Singers, etc. And Jay Leno showed up in a custom built V12 Rolls Royce approximately the size of an aircraft carrier. Any SoCal car fan should have this show on their calendar every April. Enjoy some pics.
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