For over five decades, Lola was one of the leading sports car builders catering to customers from around the world. Today, we have highlighted three of the company's sports cars that we saw in action recently.
The earliest of the trio is this B98/10 from 1998. This was the first Lola sports racer since the demise of Group C racing in the early 1990s. The featured example originally raced at Daytona and Le Mans. It was campaigned into the early 2000s and has more recently returned to Europe in time to compete in the Espiritu de Montjuic last month.
Also in action at the Barcelona circuit was this Lola T600. Originally fitted with a Porsche turbo engine, it was entered for the 24 Hours of Le Mans back in 1981. It was then fitted with a Chevrolet V8 engine but not raced again. Still fitted with a small-block engine, the T600 is now owned by a Swiss historic racer.
One of the famous of all Lolas is the T70, which was raced with great success on both sides of the Atlantic. The ultimate development was this Mk3B coupe of which the very first example is featured today. It has had a colourful history and has most recently been carefully restored to its original configuration. We captured SL76/138 at last year's Spa Six Hours.

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