Today is Ferrari Friday on as we take a closer look at three rare examples of the Italian brand that we came across during recent events.
The earliest of the trio is the 126 C2B Grand Prix car. Pressed into service at the start of the 1983 season, it was an interim car that was based on the successful 126 C2 raced the previous year. The changes mainly focused on making the car legal for the new flat-bottom regulations. It was used until the all-carbon fibre 126 C3 was ready. Despite being a stop-gap, the C2B was quite successful and the featured example was actually driven to victory in the Canadian Grand Prix by René Arnoux.
During the last decade, Michelotto developed, V8-engined Ferrari GT racers have been very successful. At the recent Chantilly Arts & Elegance one of the very first of these machines was displayed; the 348 GT/C LM. Built in 1994, it was one of a pair that was raced in the inaugural BPR Championship and also at Le Mans. Although not quite a success as its successors, chassis 97553 holds the distinction of being the first Ferrari to finish at Le Mans since 1982.
One of the most exciting cars of the Goodwood Festival of Speed Michelin Supercar Run was the one-off P80/C. Based on a 488 GT3, this must be one of the most desirable of Ferrari's bespoke program and it did not disappoint in person.

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