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Thread: Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser (3rd gen) 1973-1977

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    Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser (3rd gen) 1973-1977

    The Vista Cruiser is a station wagon manufactured and marketed by Oldsmobile over three generations from 1964 to 1977.

    The first and second generation Vista Cruisers are noted for their fixed-glass, roof-mounted skylights over the second-row seating with sun visors for the second row passengers, a raised roof behind the skylight and lateral glass panels over the rear cargo area along the raised roof and three rows of forward-facing passenger seating.

    Sharing its bodystyle with the Buick Sport Wagon, the Vista Cruiser was introduced on February 4, 1964, as a 1964 model, based on the Oldsmobile Cutlass/F-85 model. Prior to the 1973 model year the Vista Cruiser utilized a wheelbase which was 5 inches (127 mm) longer than that of the Cutlass/F-85 sedan.

    Subsequent Oldsmobile mid-size wagons featured a skylight as did the 199192 full-size Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser wagon and the 199196 Buick Roadmaster wagon. Reminiscent of earlier models, the third generation Vista Cruiser (19731977) featured optional rear-facing third row seating, while incorporating a single flat venting moonroof over the front row seating. GM's 197176 full-size clamshell wagons, including the Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser, incorporated an optional forward-facing third row and a slightly elevated roof over the cargo area, though no skylight.

    Third generation (19731977)
    For 1973, the GM A-body intermediate platform was completely redesigned and the separate wheelbase used by the Vista Cruiser and Buick Sport Wagon eliminated; all A-body wagons were now built on the 116-inch sedan wheelbase. While its Buick counterpart was discontinued, the Vista Cruiser was redesigned as a woodgrained version of the new Cutlass Supreme station wagon. Despite the shortened wheelbase, three-row seating returned, with the third row facing rearward.

    The model's distinctive skylights gave way to "Colonnade" styling, which partially offset the loss with frameless door glass that increased side window area. A pop-up sunroof over the front seats was optional. A 350 cubic-inch Rocket V8 was standard, with a 455 cubic-inch Rocket V8 optional through 1976, replaced the following year by a 403 cubic-inch Rocket V8. The three-speed Turbo Hydra-matic transmission, power steering and power front disc brakes were standard equipment on Vista Cruisers from 1973-77.

    In popular culture
    A 1969 Vista Cruiser was a key component of That 70s Show, with the pilot of the series revolving around Red Forman's decision to pass the car down to his son, Eric Forman. The car would remain a fixture through the series' eight-season run, with many key scenes occurring on or in the car. In 2016, Rod Authority named Eric's Vista Cruiser #22 on their list of the 50 greatest television automobiles.

    In the 2019 horror film The Curse of La Llorona a blue second generation Vista Cruiser is featured as the family's car.

    Source: Wikipedia
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