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Thread: Frazer Nash BMW 328 Roadster 1936-1939

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    Frazer Nash BMW 328 Roadster 1936-1939

    Frazer Nash was a brand of British sports car manufactured from 1922 first by Frazer Nash Limited founded by engineer Archibald Frazer-Nash. On its financial collapse in 1927, a new company AFN Limited was incorporated. In 1929 control of AFN passed to Harold John Aldington.

    Until the Second World War, AFN continued to produce a small number of sports cars badged Frazer Nash incorporating a unique multi-chain transmission. It continued after the war making another 85 sports cars before ending manufacture in 1957.

    The post-war cars had conventional transmissions. UK agents for BMW, they arranged coachwork and made modifications, including badging the cars Frazer Nash BMW. Also UK agents for Porsche, control of AFN Limited passed from the Aldington family to Porsche in 1987.

    Frazer Nash BMW
    AFN Ltd became importers and assemblers of BMW cars in 1934 and sold them as Frazer Nash BMW. They were the official British BMW importer until the outbreak of war in 1939.

    Source: Wikipedia
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