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Thread: New hardcore rear-wheel drive and GT4 versions of the Audi R8, and Club Sport BMW M2

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    New hardcore rear-wheel drive and GT4 versions of the Audi R8, and Club Sport BMW M2

    Following in the footsteps of the limited production RWS built a few years ago, Audi have now created the R8 V10 RWD, which is available in Coupe or Spyder configurations. Like the name suggests, this version of the R8 is rear-wheel drive only. Thanks to removal of the all-wheel drive related components the RWD is 65kg and 55kg lighter respectively than the quattro versions of the Coupe and Spyder. Deliveries of the RWD Coupe and RWD Spyder will start in the spring of 2020.
    Together with the road-going rear-wheel drive R8, Audi have also announced an updated version of the R8 LMS GT4. Among the most notable changes are the addition of adjustable ABS and traction control systems. Adjustments can be made by the driver directly on the new steering wheel, which was originally developed for the GT2 version of the R8 LMS. The R8 LMS GT4 should hit racing tracks around the world from the start of the 2020 season onwards.
    At the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show, BMW will reveal the CS, or Club Sport version of the M2. It was developed alongside a racing version of the M2 and is powered by a 444hp version of the 'S55' twin-turbocharged, six-cylinder engine. The M2 CS can be ordered with either a six-speed manual or a seven-speed automatic gearbox.

    Enjoy the links:
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    So, BMW is making dull front wheel drive hatchbacks and Audi proper rear wheel drive sportscars.

    Time for a brand loyalty switch?
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