Swiss racing car manufacturer really came to the fore with the Mercedes-Benz engined Group C cars that were raced from the mid-1980s. Today we take a look at two particularly interesting examples of these V8-engined machines. First up is the second Sauber C8 built, which is also the second ever Sauber powered by a Mercedes-Benz engine. These early Sauber Mercedes racers used the single cam version of the M117 V8 engine, equipped with a pair of turbochargers. The featured example scored a break through victory at the 1986 Nurburgring 1000 km and was later also campaigned by a privateer. Now in Danish hands, it has been meticulously restored and has returned to the track.
Also due to take to the track in historic Group C racing is this Sauber Mercedes C9. The C9 was a further development of the C8 and thanks to additional backing from Mercedes-Benz proved more competitive. Among the most crucial changes was the use of a new twin-cam version of the twin-turbo V8, which was used from the 1989 season onwards. It was hugely successful, winning the 1989 24 Hours of Le Mans and the World Sports Car Championship. The chassis highlighted today was used in testing only as was retained by Peter Sauber himself for many years. Now in private hands, it was demonstrated at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and is due to start racing from the start of the next season.
Also due out in 2020 is the heavily revised Hyundai i20 R5 '20. It is based on the junior category rally car introduced back in 2016 but boasts the biggest single upgrade since the original launch. All key areas, engine, chassis and aerodynamics have been addressed to ensure the i20 R5 '20 will be as competitive as its predecessor.

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