McLaren have released the latest model in their top-of-the-line 'Ultimate' range. Dubbed the Elva, it harks back at the earliest McLaren sports racers like the M1A of which the versions earmarked for customers were built by specialist manufacturer Elva. Derived from the Senna and Senna GTR, the Elva features a striking roadster design. Lightweight was the key word and amenities like a radio are not fitted while an actual windshield is available as an option. To provide some creature comfort McLaren have created a sophisticated airflow system dubbed the Active Air Management System. This creates a bubble of calm air around the car's occupants by channeling air through and then out of the nose just ahead of the cockpit at high speed. Like the Senna, it is based on, the Elva features a version of the familiar twin turbo V8 engine that produces around 800 bhp. The first Elvas will run off the McLaren line in the second half of 2020 and production is strictly limited to 399 examples.

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2020 McLaren Elva