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    Hanomag Partner 1951

    The Hanomag Partner was a prototype compact car made by the Hanover-based automobile manufacturer Hanomag in 1951. The car was first shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show as the successor of the 1.3 Liter. This car was Hanomag's try to return to the market for making cars.

    The car had a three-cylinder two stroke engine with a displacement of 697cc and a power output of 28hp. The cars were fitted with a three-speed gearbox with column shift. Power was sent to the front wheels. The self-supporting all-steel body was built Karmann in Osnabrück and offered a front bench seat for three adults. It had rear-hinged doors.

    All four wheels were independently suspended on vibrating metal-rubber torsion spring bodies, with double wishbones at the front and trailing arms on the rear.

    Although the car, in terms of design and technology was at the height of his time, the audience did not appreciate the design so it did not go into production.

    Only 20 pre-production cars were made. (Almost) All the specimens were scrapped and abandoned. Only one copy (with the serial number 0008) is currently known, it has been completely restored is in the Karmann Museum in Osnabrück.

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