One of the great additions to the historic racing roster is the Endurance Racing Legends series for recent sports racers and GT cars. From this season, there are actual races for these cars and the winner in both rounds at the Spa Classic was this Dallara SP1. The car had originally been conceived by Dallara and Oreca for the Chrysler works effort ahead of the 2002 season. It finished fifth at Le Mans behind the Audis and Bentleys and was later raced by Rollcentre Racing. Back from a spell in North America, chassis DO-004 was returned to its works livery and raced at Spa and demonstrated at Goodwood this year.
McLaren have announced yet another addition to their line-up in the form of the 620R. It is a road legal version of the 570S GT4 competition car. As the name suggests, the twin-turbo V8 produces 620 metric horsepower in the 620R. Priced at GBP 250,000, the 620R will enter production in January with deliveries starting the following month. Buyers in Europe or the United States will receive a Pure McLaren Track Day with expert driving tuition at a race track.

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2002 Dallara SP1 Judd (DO-004)

2020 McLaren 620R