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Thread: Automotive Podcasts

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    Automotive Podcasts

    Does anyone listen to any car podcasts? I've listened occasionally to the Smoking Tire, depending on the topic, but beyond that I'm looking for some recommendations.

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    I listen to Autoblog, and Wheal Bearings. Both have declined in quality recently.

    I like Dan Roth's takes; he's like a Gen X curmudgeon. He moved to Wheel Bearings with Sam Abulsamid.

    In other blog news, y'all see Patrick George of Jalopnik stepped down?

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    Chris Harris has podcast called Collecting Cars, it's been mostly good.
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    I love listening to the Under The Hood show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ErWin76 View Post
    Chris Harris has podcast called Collecting Cars, it's been mostly good.
    I listened to this one for a bit, but eventually I got bored of it; it definitely wasn't bad, just not enough to hold my attention in our busy world.

    I do occasionally check in on Revzilla's Highside/Lowside (motorcycle stuff) when they have a guest that I find interesting. It's fairly-easy to keep up with and they do a good job of flattening (keeping consistent) the audio volume, so it is often my companion on longer bike rides. I'm sure others have experienced the frustration of trying to do a somewhat-noisy activity while listening to someone who, either from changing their position relative to their microphone or just their patterns of speech, varies their volume a lot. You either have the volume too high or too low at any given time which drives me nuts. HS/LS doesn't do this and keeps things simple; I don't need to ponder the nature of being or complex politico-financial edifices while I'm exercising... So, thumbs up from me.

    I also like Smith and Sniff, which is at least tangentially-related to cars, enough to patronize them. Richard Porter, he of the Top Gear and Grand Tour's writers' room, and Jonny Smith, he of Fifth Gear and erstwhile dangerously-spiky hair, ramble on about various topics with a generous scooping of what our own Ferrer would call "autoshite". The humor and pacing are a bit divisive ("boring" being the most-common criticism leveled at it) among people I know who've listened. So, caveat emptor: you get what you pay for....

    Most of my other subscriptions are history-related, but now, with the dearth of traveling for work (and pleasure) in the last year-and-a-half, I don't have as many opportunities to listen to them.
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