German Jörg Obermoser was an accomplished racing car driver before setting about building competition cars himself. Usually finished in striking Warsteiner colours, they were manufactured under the TOJ banner, which was short for Team Obermoser Jörg. Between 1974 and 1978 less than two dozen cars were built but quite that did not stop French company Artcurial from consigning a startling three examples to the official Retromobile Auction. Offered by a single French enthusiast, they represent one each of the first three models. First up is the SS02 BMW, which was raced competitively during the 1974 season. The example on offer is the second of two built and the sole survivor.
For the following season, TOJ produced the SC03 BMW. It was even more competitive than its predecessor and the consigned chassis actually scored an outright victory in the hugely competitive 2-Litre European Championship.
In 1976, TOJ also branched out with a three-litre model, which is why the subsequent two-litre car was dubbed the SC204. As can be seen in our gallery both cars built have actively raced in historic events recently. The SC204 in the lot list was mainly raced in period by Klaus Oestreich.
Lotus have launched yet another version of the popular Evora in the form of the Evora GT410. It is a slightly detuned and cheaper version of the hardcore GT410 Sport launched last year.

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2020 Lotus Evora GT410

1976 TOJ SC204 BMW

1975 TOJ SC03 BMW

1974 TOJ SS02 BMW