Ahead of the official launch at the Geneva Motor Show, Pagani have revealed the first details and images of the new Imola. While the Huayra derived hypercar has been honed on the track it was named after the 815 bhp machine is still fully roadworthy. Initially known as the PS-01, the Imola uses the same carbo-titanium chassis as the Huayra Roadster BC and served as a test-bed for future developments. If you are interested, you are already too late as Pagani Imola production is strictly limited to just five examples and all of them have already been sold.
The Formula 1 season will kick off tomorrow with the first of two three-day tests at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona. In the build up to the official test sessions, more new cars have been revealed. Chief among them was the Mercedes-Benz W11 EQ Performance, which is a further evolution of the hugely successful silver arrows that have dominated the last six seasons. With a major change in regulations due in 2021, it is no surprise that the W11 closely follows the design of its successful predecessors. The same can be said for the Williams FW43, although the FW42 that it evolved from was an unmitigated disaster. As a result, the FW43 will be a crucial car for the team as it can not afford two nightmare seasons in a row. For the Racing Point F1 team, the RP20 will be the last using this moniker as it will operate as the works Aston Martin team from the 2021 season onwards.

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