Next week, the major international auction companies gather on Amelia Island for the next barrage of sales. First up is Bonhams, who stage their 117-lot sale on Thursday. One of the most interesting cars consigned is one of five surviving Renault AI 35/45HP Vanderbilt Racers. Ten were built in 1917 for by Willy K. Vanderbilt and his friends to race in the United States, making them among the very first customer competition cars. The consigned example is one of four known to be in the United States and the only one not part of a museum collection. As these early competition cars only very rarely if ever come up for auction, no estimate is given.
There is an estimate for the Bugatti TYpe 55 Roadster that has been consigned by the estate of American collector Dean Stockett Edmonds. He had owned the striking Bugatti since 1985 and when he acquired the car it was the most expensive car ever sold at auction in Britain. Accordingly, the estimate for chassis 55220 today is a hefty $6.5-9.5 million.
News arrived today that the Geneva Motor Show has been cancelled due to concerns over the Corona virus. The cars due to be released there will still break cover but now through web-streams and press releases. Among those will be the all-new Volkswagen Golf GTI, GTD and GTE. The most anticipated of the trio of high performance Golfs is undoubtedly the GTI but for the first time it is matched in power by the hybrid GTE at 241 bhp.

Enjoy the links:

1932 Bugatti Type 55 Roadster (55220)

1907 Renault Type AI 35/45CV Vanderbilt Racer

2020 Volkswagen Golf GTI

2020 Volkswagen Golf GTD

2020 Volkswagen Golf GTE