Even though this year's Geneva Motor Show has been cancelled, the new cars due at are still being revealed today. We have kept close tabs on our inbox and have produced a long line-up of many of the highlights.
McLaren have raised the bar once more with the introduction of the 765LT. As the name suggests, it is a long-tail version of the already very accomplished 720S with an additional 45hp available. Porsche added a whopping 70hp to the output of the engine in the all-new 911 Turbo S compared to the previous generation model. From the launch, it is available as a Coupe and Cabriolet. Bentley's coachbuilding subsidiary Mulliner have stepped up their game to create the Bacalar. Its design is inspired by the EXP100GT and it is named after the beautiful Laguna Bacalar, a lake on Mexico's Yucatan peninsula. Production of the highly bespoke Bacalar is limited to 12 examples and all have been spoken for.
Reviving a legendary nameplate, Alfa Romeo would have launched the 540hp Giulia GTA and Giulia GTAm at Geneva. The latter is a track-ready version with a stripped out interior and additional carbon-fibre components. Like the original GTA, no more than 500 examples will built of the two models combined.
Caught out by the Geneva Motor Show cancellation, Morgan did not despair and actually drove one of the all-new Plus Fours back to Malvern over the road in time for the hastily staged launch event this morning. Once again relying on BMW power, the new Plus Four is equipped with a 255 bhp four-cylinder engine provided by the German manufacturer.
Perhaps the most beautiful car that would have been at Geneva is the Automobili Pininfarina Battista Anniversario. This particular version is built to celebrate Pininfarina's 90th anniversary and is limited to just five examples. These are part of the 150-strong production run of the Battista, which will start towards the end of the year.

Enjoy the links:

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