German Porsche enhancer turned proper manufacturer RUF have revealed the details of the models that would have debuted at Geneva. The most adventurous, literally, is this Rodeo Concept. It is built around RUF's new carbon-fibre monocoque chassis and was inspired by Rodeo Drive Concours d'Elegance. Thanks to the raised suspension, four-wheel drive and additional equipment, the Rodeo Concept is ready to go off-road.
RUF also revealed the first SCR production car. It uses the same composite chassis as the Rodeo Concept, which comes with double wishbones and push-rod springs and dampers. The engine fitted is a four-litre, naturally aspirated flat-six, which produces a staggering 503 bhp. That is quite a hike from the original SCR that produced 217 bhp some 38 years ago. The SCR follows the lines of the 964 generation Porsche 911.
For the 2020 season, Mercedes-AMG have released an updated version of the GT4. It features cosmetic changes to match the revised GT road car, while it also boasts uprated suspension components to improve handling and durability. The new GT4 is available with immediate effect.
Renault was the last Formula 1 team to reveal their livery but have now shown the true colours of the R.S. 20 due to debut at the Australian Grand Prix this weekend. Not surprisingly, the new F1 racer is once again painted Renault's corporate yellow with black.

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