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Thread: Car Themed Movies

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    Car Themed Movies

    Hi all, hope everyone is going well. I'm a bit of a film buff and love movies, and if cars happen to be in the movies, well, all the better.

    Anyone have suggestions for good automotive or car themed movies?

    I just happened to see the movie Rush since it was on Netflix and it was really enjoyable. Senna was a good movie too.

    I might get laughed out of here for suggesting anything from the Fast and the Furious, but I caught pieces of Fast 5 and that was enjoyable too. Throwaway action movie, but fun at least, if you look at it as a heist movie that happens to have cars.

    Other good car based movies-

    Baby Driver- fun car, fun songs.


    Pixar's Cars series- fun, but not too serious. I still think the first one is the best one and each following sequel was slightly worse

    Le Mans- pretty good for the feel of a Le Mans race.

    Bullitt- Kind of a clumsy cop movie centered around a 20 minute chase around San Francisco.

    Nightcrawler- kind of a stretch, but Jake Gylenhall was great in it.

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    The Fast and The Furious will always be my favorite car movies.

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    Mad Max : the first movie is still a classic IMO. 600 hp of fuel injected vengeance ;-)

    I also enjoyed Mad Max : Fury Road a lot.

    Honorable mention: The 2011 movie Drive.
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