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Thread: Pontiac Quality 115 1939

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    Pontiac Quality 115 1939

    The Pontiac Quality 115 Series 25 was a mid-size car produced by General Motors in 1939.

    In 1939, an entry-level model was offered in parallel with the Deluxe Six. The cheaper model was available as a two-door coupe with three or five seats, as a two- or 4-door five-seat sedan or as a five-door, eight-seat station wagon. The car was smaller than this year's Deluxe and had a different front, but the same engine. Instead of the typical "Silver Streak" design, the cars had four sections of 3 horizontal chrome rods each, which extended around the front of the engine compartment.

    Like the Deluxe, the Quality 115 was equipped with a six-cylinder in-line engine with a displacement of 3649 cm3, which delivered 85 bhp (62.5 kW) at 3520 rpm. The engine power was passed on to the rear wheels via a single-disc dry clutch, a fully synchronized three-speed transmission with wheel gear and a cardan shaft. The cars had hydraulic brakes on all four wheels, which were designed as steel disc wheels. Like the Deluxe, the Quality 115 had a single-wheel suspension at the front.

    The following year, the Special model replaced the "Quality 115". In the single year of production, 55,736 cars were produced.


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