For our recurring celebration of Wing Wednesday, we have today taken a closer look at two 1990s Porsche GT racers. The first is this 964-generation 911 Bi-Turbo GT1 that was raced in the inaugural BPR Championship. As Porsche did not offer a GT1 car to customers in 1994, this was one of two built by Freisinger Motorsport along the same lines as the works car that raced at Le Mans in 1993. Crucially, these were built up by Freisinger using components supplied by Porsche Motorsport like the twin turbo engine and the wild body kit that included a fabulously massive rear wing. The featured example placed second twice in 1994 behind the factory GT1 car and was also raced at Daytona in 1995. It then spent most of its life in New Zeeland but has more recently been repatriated to Europe and was shown at last year's Chantilly Arts & Elegance.
Also displayed at Chantilly in 2019 was this 993-generation 911 GT2 Evo 2, which is one of the very last of the turbocharged Porsche 911s racing cars sold to a customer. The 1998 evolution of the GT2 featured a more powerful engine and revised suspension to help the 911 keep tabs on the very quick Vipers. This particular example was the second chassis ordered by Francois Lafon for the 1998 FFSA Championship. It replaced his first car following an accident. Like that car, this one was painted by German pop-art painter Peter Klasen with a unique livery. The first car was repaired but finished in different colours. The 'Klasen 2' is currently offered for sale by our friends at Historic Cars in Paris.

Enjoy the links:

1998 Porsche 911 GT2 Evo 2

1994 Porsche 911 Bi-Turbo GT1