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Thread: Are we morally obligated to daily drive a safe car?

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    Are we morally obligated to daily drive a safe car?

    Something that’s been on my mind recently and would love to hear others thoughts on it.

    Barring financial limitations, do you think that society has a moral obligation to drive as safe of a car that their budget will allow?

    The newest car I’ve owned is MY2008 and I’ve thought a lot about my next daily driver being newer and safer (purely as far as crash testing goes). Do you think that people who willingly drive older cars that don’t have crumple zones, airbags, or rollover protection should try to get something more modern to drive every day?

    I don’t think there’s really a right answer, but from a non-enthusiast perspective I could see one arguing that driving a car without modern crash safety (and avoidance) is selfish and can present a potential burden on EMS and other services.

    From an enthusiast perspective, I’d say that you need to be attentive and drive safely, and understand that the risk of serious injury is higher in a less safe car.
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    This still leaves us with the issue of pedestrian safety, but can that be answered by driving more carefully?
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