This weekend, we should have been in Monaco for the twelfth biennial Historic Grand Prix but sadly, the global COVID-19 pandemic has forced the organisers to cancel the event. That has left us with no other option but to highlight three Grand Prix cars that raced in Monaco two years ago.
The earliest of the trio is this Ferrari 312 B of 1970. It was one of the first generation of flat-12 engined, three-litre Ferrari Grand Prix cars that would ultimately win three World Championships later in the decade. The example featured today was raced in period by Jackie Ickx and Clay Regazzoni and is today owned and raced by an Italian enthusiast.
In 2018, ground effect F1 racers were allowed to race for the first time in the Historic Grand Prix in a new grid that had 1980 as the cut off year. The race was won from pole position by Martin O'Connell in an ATS D4. In period, the German wheel manufacturer backed team was usually found in the midfield and the D4 was no exception with an eighth place finish in 1980 as the best result. That did not prevent O'Connell from winning in this D4, which is the fourth and final example built.
In the same grid, there were a pair of Lotus 81s, which were raced not in the familiar black and gold JPS colours but instead in the blue and silver of Essex Petroleum. It was not Lotus' best Grand Prix car by quite some margin but as can be seen in our 49-shot gallery, all four cars originally built have survived.

Enjoy the links:

1980 ATS D4 Cosworth

1970 Ferrari 312 B (003)

1980 Lotus 81 Cosworth