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Thread: Dodge Challenger (LC) SRT Demon 2017-2018

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    Dodge Challenger (LC) SRT Demon 2017-2018

    SRT Demon

    he Demon is a limited production wide body and extreme (drag race level) performance variant of the already high performance Challenger SRT Hellcat. It debuted during the New York Auto Show in April 2017.

    The Demon uses an all-new 6.2-liter V8 engine equipped with a 2.7-liter supercharger, which is rated at 808 hp (603 kW; 819 PS) with 91 octane gasoline and 840 hp (626 kW; 852 PS) with 100 octane fuel or higher (both outputs are with the red key fob supplied with the car). Torque stands at 770 lb⋅ft (1,044 N⋅m) on 100 octane fuel. The car weighs 215 lb (98 kg) less than the Hellcat, the total being 4,254 lb (1,930 kg). The SRT Demon uses a set of road tires by Nitto Tire, called the NT05R. The tires are the 315/40R18 variations at both front and rear. The tires are targeted for the drag strip, but have enough tread pattern to make them legal for the road. This tire, although an NT05R consumer tire, is a variation built specifically to withstand the power output of the Demon. This makes the Challenger SRT Demon the first production car to contain a set of drag radial road tires. The SRT Demon contains a system that is used specifically for drag racing called transbrake, which is a mechanism that puts the transmission in 1st gear and the reverse gear simultaneously, holding the Demon stationary. This is used along with the car's torque converter to build up hydraulic pressure before launch.

    The power-to-weight ratio of the SRT Demon is 418 hp (312 kW; 424 PS) per ton on 91 octane gasoline and 435 hp (324 kW; 441 PS) per ton on 100 octane or higher.

    The SRT Demon accelerates from 0–30 mph (0–48 km/h) in 1.0 second, 0–60 mph (0–97 km/h) in 2.3 seconds (2.0s with a rollout), 0–100 mph (0–161 km/h) in 5.1 seconds, a top speed of 168 mph (270 km/h) (factory limited), and the quarter mile (400 m) in only 9.65 seconds at 140.09 mph (225.45 km/h). This makes the Demon the fastest non-electric production car to reach 0-60 mph (0–97 km/h) and to complete a straight-line quarter mile at its time of announcement. The SRT Demon is also capable of accelerating at 1.8 G's of force at launch, making this the hardest launching production car.[68] The boost pressure of the supercharger can be increased to 14.5 psi and redline up to 6,500 rpm. With this extreme power, and hard acceleration, the SRT Demon is the first production car to perform a wheelie. With the control module from the "Demon Crate" and high-speed tires, the Demon has attained a top speed of over 200 mph (320 km/h) in test runs.

    Because of the lack of an NHRA certified roll cage, which is required if the quarter mile time is under 10 seconds, the NHRA banned the SRT Demon from competition.

    Like the SRT Hellcat, it comes with both red and black key fobs, with the black fob limiting the power output to 500 hp (373 kW). With the red key and the use of 100+ octane gasoline, the Demon can utilize its full power potential. Only 3,300 cars were made, with production beginning in the summer of 2017 and market introduction happening in the fall of 2017.

    The interior of the SRT Demon is the same as all other Challenger trims, but with changes that differentiate it to the other trims. The Demon only includes a front driver's seat as standard, and no other seats front or rear in the vehicle. However, the front passenger's seat, as well as a rear bench seat, can both be added back as options for one dollar each. To replace the rear seats, Dodge included rear roll bars, and has a 4-point harness installed on it for the driver seat.[74] The dashboard display and the seats now have the Demon logo on them,and includes a performance display on it, as well as on the center console touch screen.

    The following list below is a breakdown of how Dodge engineers reduced the curb weight of the 2018 Challenger SRT Demon to 1,930 kg (4,255 lb) over the 2,027 kg (4,469 lb) curb weight of the SRT Hellcat, a difference of 98 kg (216 lb):[78] [79]

    • Removed front passenger seat and passenger seatbelt (−58 lb (−26 kg) decrease; seats available at a dollar)[66]
    • Removed rear bench seat, seatbelts, restraints, and front and rear floor mats (−55 lb (−25 kg) decrease)
    • Removed 16 Harman Kardon audio speakers, factory subwoofer, amplifier, and all electrical wiring (−24 lb (−11 kg) decrease)
    • Removed rear trunk deck lid cover trim, trunk carpeting, and spare tire cover (−20 lb (−9 kg) decrease)
    • Used smaller, hollower front and rear sway bars (−19 lb (−9 kg) decrease)
    • Removed mastic, body deadeners, insulators, and foam (−18 lb (−8 kg) decrease)
    • Used lightweight, all-aluminum four-piston front and rear brake calipers and 360 mm (14 in) front and rear two-piece brake rotors (−16 lb (−7 kg) decrease)
    • Installed lightweight aluminum front and rear alloy wheels and open-ended front and rear wheel lug nuts (−16 lb (−7 kg) decrease)
    • Replaced power-tilting and telescoping steering column with manually-tilting and telescoping steering column (−4 lb (−2 kg) decrease)
    • Removed front and rear ParkSense parking sensors and ParkSense front and rear park sensor module (−2 lb (−1 kg) decrease)

    (info :wikipedia)

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    Specifications of the Challenger SRT Demon are as follows:

    • 6.2-liter supercharged HEMI V8 engine, includes 2.7-liter supercharger (840 hp (626 kW; 852 PS) and 770 lb⋅ft (1,044 N⋅m) using 100 octane racing fuel or higher, or 808 hp (603 kW; 819 PS) and 717 lb⋅ft (972 N⋅m) using 91 octane premium fuel
    • 8-speed ZF 8HP semi-automatic transmission as standard, with steering wheel mounted shift paddles
    • Runs on 91 octane premium fuel or 100 octane racing fuel, has a fuel mode that enables the 100 octane (first ever in street-legal production car)
    • 1.8 Gs of longitudinal G-force at launch
    • Total curb weight of 1,930 kg (4,255 lb) (98 kg (215 lb) less than SRT Hellcat)
    • Air conditioning
    • Uconnect 8.4 in (21 cm) touchscreen audio system (w/ SRT performance pages)
    • Front and rear fender flares (adds 3.5 in (9 cm) to overall width of car)
    • Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel (w/ shift paddles mounted on it)
    • Stitched or embossed Demon emblems on front seatbacks
    • 200 mph (322 km/h) speedometer (w/ Demon-themed TFT reconfigurable instrument cluster)
    • Factory-installed transbrake System (first ever in street-legal production car)
    • 18 in (46 cm) street-legal, Drag Radial Tires (first ever in street-legal production car)
    • Factory-installed SRT "Power Chiller" (system that uses the vehicle's air conditioning to pre-cool the intercooler before the run and thus further compress air from the supercharger)
    • "Drag Mode" suspension system (first ever in street-legal production car)
    • Front passenger and rear bench seat delete with rear roll bar (items can be re-added for a dollar each)[66]
    • "Torque Reserve on Demand" system (first ever in street-legal production car)
    • Functional hood scoop (largest hood scoop in any production car)
    • 2-Speaker Audio System (Harman Kardon audio system is optional)

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