One of the more remarkable histories we learned about recently is of this DeTomaso Pantera Group 4. It was the very first Group 4 Pantera built and at its debut during the 1972 Le Mans trials immediately smashed the GT lap record. Sadly, it did not get to race at Le Mans as it was involved in an accident at Monza. While the damage was not substantial, the car was not repaired as it was involved in a legal dispute with the insurance company. DeTomaso was eventually paid for the damages under condition that the car was destroyed. The Italian manufacturer did nothing of the sort and instead used the chassis, with a new number, to build a Pantera GT5 that was used as a factory demonstrator in Europe. A later owner discovered the true origins of the car, and the most recent custodian has had the Pantera Group 4 completely rebuilt to its original, 1972 configuration.
Ahead of the official launch later in the year, Lamborghini Squadra Corse have revealed a first glimpse of the SCV12 track-day special. Producing at least 830 hp, it produces Lamborghini's most powerful naturally aspirated V12 engine to date. Due to be constructed in limited numbers, the lucky few owners are invited to participate with their SCV12 in special events where they will receive tutoring from five-time Le Mans winner Emanuele Pirro.
Lotus have marked the 20th anniversary of the Exige with a special edition based on the Exige Sport 410. It will be available in three colours that were taken from the original Exige as well as three new colours. Subtle cues throughout reveal that it in fact is the Exige 20th anniversary model.

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