Maserati have released the full details of the engine that is due to power the upcoming MC20. Developed in-house, it is a twin-turbo V6 with a three-litre displacement. Weighing just 220 kg, it is good for just over 620 bhp.
Just like Maserati, BMW are keen to create a buzz about their upcoming models by releasing pictures with camouflaged pre-production cars. In this case the soon to be released BMWs are the M3 Saloon and the closely related M4 Coupe. Due to be revealed properly in mid-September, both will be powered by a 480 hp six-cylinder engine and features a six-speed manual with rear-wheel drive. A competition version with 510 hp, eight-speed automatic and all-wheel drive will also be available.
Due to their desire to continue testing without the burden of camouflage, Ineos Automotive have released the first pictures of the exterior of the upcoming Grenadier off-roader. Inspired by the demise of the Land Rover Defender, it is a no-nonsense machine that is the brainchild of one of Britain's most wealthy individuals. The development work is done by Magna Steyr, who also built the G-Class for Mercedes-Benz, and it will be powered by a BMW-sourced engine. Once testing is completed, the Grenadier should be ready to hit the road in 2021.
Peugeot, meanwhile, have provided us with a further inside into the upcoming 208 Rally 4. Set to make its competitive debut, the compact rally car is powered by a tiny three-cylinder engine that is still good for an appropriate 208 horsepower.

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