Historic racing resumed at the Dix Mille Tours last month with a field that was impressive in numbers and depth. Among the most interesting cars that were raced for the first time in the Classic Endurance Racing 2 series were two Group 5 silhouette racers featured today.
Using a bare shell supplied by Porsche, the Kremer brothers produced the hugely successful 935 K3. Among the teams that ran the cars in the United States was Ted Field's Interscope Racing and the chassis fielded at Paul Ricard was the first of three ordered by the team. Liveried in the instantly recognisable black colours with white and red stripes, it was usually raced with the numbers 0 or 00. Following its career in IMSA, it was repatriated to Germany where it was campaigned in minor events. It was then in a private collection for many years and chassis 000 0010 was not raced until it reappeared in the Dix Mille Tours.
One of the few rivals for the 935 was Ferrari's 512 BB LM, which was raced predominantly by the Italian manufacturer's North American and French distributors. The latter was Pozzi of Paris, who order two for the 1979 season. The featured example was the second of these and it was raced at Daytona and Le Mans that year. Raced again at Le Mans in 1980, it never actually managed to reach the finish in period. It has had just a handful of owners since and was restored to its 1979 Le Mans colours. Chassis 26685 is now part of the stable of a Swiss historic racer.

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1979 Ferrari 512 BB LM (26685)

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