At this weekend's Tuscany Grand Prix at Mugello, the Scuderia Ferrari will take part in the team's 1,000th Formula 1 Grand Prix. This will be celebrated with among other things a special livery for the SF1000, and even the safety car has been re-painted red from its traditional silver. To mark this occasion, we have taken a closer look at a pair of Ferraris that were pivotal in Ferrari's Formula 1 history.
The newest of the pair is the F2007, which was raced during the 2007 season by Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen. Even though it was a season of change for the team, the V8-engined machine performed very well. Finnish racer Raikkonen won on his debut and then scored five more victories. At the end of the year, Raikkonen was crowned World Champion and Ferrari also won the constructors' trophy. A such, the F2007 remains the last Ferrari to be driven to both the drivers' and constructors' titles.
Among the earliest surviving Ferrari Grand Prix cars is this 340 F1. Very much a reflection of Ferrari practices in the day, it started life as a 125 F1 with a supercharged 1.5-litre engine and was then rebuilt for the 1950 season with a much larger naturally aspirated V12. While most Ferraris of this era were used up for parts, this chassis has fortunately survived. It has been with the same family for several decades but is fortunately regularly raced in historic events.

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2007 Ferrari F2007

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