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Thread: toyota 2GR-FE engine Questions

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    toyota 2GR-FE engine Questions

    Vehicle has 146k miles and other then service records for years 2007 and 2010, there is no maintenance or repair history. It came to me last month with new looking trans and engine oil, both way over filled and a noisy engine. I drained both oils to proper level. I see a lot of vids on this engine and this noise when cold, however, none sound as loud as mine and also when hot.

    Here is audio of the sound. This sound is present when engine cold and hot. Maybe my imagination, but it might be more noisy when hot. The audio is only 7 seconds, sorry bout that, but it's a constant sound. Note that that page opens with the video playing but sound x-ed out, so u need to turn on the video's sound. Ticking noise drawns out engine noise. If you dont hear the engine running, then up ur volume and you will hear it in the background. Again, if u hear nothing, then the webpage video sound is off.

    Right after shutdown if i check the engine or trans oil, the dip stick handles are OUCH! hot. Hotter then any engine Ive ever checked and Ive checked a lot. Does that mean anything? Dash temp gauge was at 50%. Engine compartment is definitely much more hot then my 2 banger 2003 tacoma is.

    The mentioned 2010 48k miles service was for the VVT-i LSC90K KIT,OIL HOSE,NO.1 part 0400933131. Looking, I dont see the yellow that indicates the replacement hose, so maybe it was not really changed, or maybe the yellow has burned off. Either way i need to service this soon, because if it was done at 48k, well then it's been another 98k more miles since it was replaced and Ive read of these replacement hoses also failing. Im not up to replacing with the solid pipe right now, so I'll use rubber maybe some goodyear hi temp hi pressure hose and I wont let it go past another 10 or 20k miles before i address it again. Is goodyear the best automotive hose?

    The engine and accessories look very oxidized, but Ive seen a few other vids showing the same, so must be ok? This oxidation? wipes off much easier then any non automotive aluminum oxidation that Ive dealt with in the past.

    Ive read a few comments about PCV fumes helping lead to the VVTi hose failure, so Im thinking to leave off that engine cover? Of course, Im also going to replace the PCV valve.

    tks, pa

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    interested if you found answers to your questions?
    sorry i'm not an expert and can't really help, yet this sounds strange:
    The engine and accessories look very oxidized, but Ive seen a few other vids showing the same, so must be ok?
    loos very oxidized but is ok? doubt...
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    could not find alternative VVT-i hose, so bought OEM. It has the yellow stripe. There is a metal plate that blocks view of the lower end of the hose. I dont know why that plate is needed. I might leave it off that way i can inspect the entire VVT-i hose including upper and lower ends. Also bought new gaskets and that filter that fits in the upper VVT-i line.

    After a few long runs with new engine oil and filter, its not making as much ticking noise. maybe the oil was too thick. Maybe too many short trips. I replaced with the recommended 5w/30. I will replace it again frequently for a few times, so it that cleans out whatever is ticking. There is also another noise. I will spin water pump when i replace the serpentine belt. maybe run engine with out belt to see that that changes the noise.

    this vehicle was bought and operated from new until now in Delaware (2007 to 2020). they use road salts. could that cause the engine oxidation? especially considering that cover that locks air above the valve covers.

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