During the early 1970s, Lola produced a batch of two-litre sports racers every year. The 1974 model was known as the T294 and built to take a four-cylinder engine of the customer's choice. One exception is this T294, which was ordered new by Corrado Manfredini. He requested a two-litre car that could be fitted with the three-litre Cosworth DFV engine to get a car that was as light as possible for hill-climb events. It was raced in period by several drivers with both the DFV engine and also a BMW 'four'. Having spent many years on display in a museum, the unique T294 was recommissioned and fitted with a DFV engine once more.
This week, Hyundai revealed the latest version of their mid-engined show car. Now dubbed the RM20e, it is powered by an electric motor for the first time. It should provide neck-snapping performance, courtesy of the 800 bhp / 960 Nm motor. Wether we will ever see a production version of the RM20e is doubtful as it serves mainly as a platform to showcase the South Korean company's latest technology. Another Hyundai to break cover is this Elantra N TCR. It is latest addition to the manufacturer's TCR line-up and will be run in the countries where the Elantra is on sale.
Offering aspiring GT racers an opportunity to get their toe in the water, Ginetta has created a GT Academy version of the G55. Like the G55, the new GTA, is powered by a Ford-based 3.7-litre V6 engine. Ginetta will stage a series specifically for the car on the British Isles from the 2021 season onwards.

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