Despite this being a curtailed season, we have been treated to some great events and cars. Today, we take a look at three interesting sports racers that appeared at the handful of events we attended in 2020.
The most striking of the trio is no doubt this IMSA GTP specification Porsche 962. Ordered new by legendary American racer Bob Akin, it was built around one of eight aluminium honeycomb tubs built by specialist Jim Chapman. While run by Bob Akin Motorsport in a couple of events, it was never actually raced by Akin himself. Instead, it was entrusted to the likes of James Weaver, Vern Schuppan and Hurley Haywood. Following its brief contemporary racing career, 962-C04 remained in the United States until it joined the stable of a German racer. He brought the car to the Monza Historic for its first ever appearance on this side of the Atlantic.
The Lola T70 Mk3 that we saw at the Dix Mille Tours and Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort has had a much longer racing career. It was campaigned both as a coupe and later with a BRM V12 as a Group 6 Spyder. Chassis SL73/113 has been restored to its original guise and is now in German hands as well.
Also out at Zandvoort was this Chevron B19, which is one of two ordered new by Denys Dobbie's DART team. It spent most of its subsequent life in the United States until it was brought back to Europe by its current, Belgian owner. He restored 71-5 to its DART colours and configuration.

Enjoy the links:

1971 Chevron B19 Cosworth (B19-71-5)

1967 Lola T70 Mk3 Coupe Chevrolet (SL73/113)

1987 Porsche 962 (962-C04)