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Thread: BMW iX1: The best-selling BMW electric car in the making?

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    BMW iX1: The best-selling BMW electric car in the making?

    Interesting to note that BMW has no planned successor for the i3, and the BMW iX1 (electric version of the next-gen X1/BMW U11) is in development for a 2022 launch which could take its place and given its positioning (and crossover body style) it could become the brand's best-selling EV by 2024.

    According to, the iX1 will have at least two variants, possibly FWD and AWD. The base variant should get a single motor, and its maximum power will be 180 PS or 177 hp. The top-end variant, possibly with one motor at each axle, will offer a maximum power of 250 PS or 246 hp. The base variantís motor could be an updated version of the BMW i3sí 184 PS/181 hp unit.

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