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Thread: Black Friday Sale 2020

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    Black Friday Sale 2020

    What are you planning to buy this year? I have added a couple of auto accessories to my cart. I am planning to purchase this stuff on 4wheelonline, in hope that I will be able to steal a deal. I am buying an early Christmas gift for my family and friends as well to save a couple of bucks.

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    I'v been putting some things in my cart at Kruidvat and AH lately. Joy!
    And beacuse of covid I wont be visiting friends and family this Christmas.

    Hope we get the good vaccine as fast as possible.

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    I got some video games for cheap. I ended up getting The Last of Us 2, Star Wars Squadrons, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Persona 5 all for cheap. I think I'll be set for the foreseeable future.

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