Established in 1951 by Scottish Francophile David Murray, Ecurie Ecosse was one of the leading privateer teams during the next decade. The team is best known for their association with Jaguar, resulting in back-to-back wins at Le Mans in 1956 and 1957. Today we take a look at the first Jaguar C-Type run by the team. The sixth 'XK120C' built, it was owned and driven with great success by Ian Stewart. Today XKC 006 is part of a prominent collection of Jaguar competition cars and is regularly raced in historic events.
The original team ceased operating in 1971 but under the stewardship of Hugh McCaig, the name was revived during the 1980s. During this period, Ecurie Ecosse built and raced Group C2 cars of which this C285 Cosworth is the first. Designed by Ray Mallock, it was driven to three class victories during the 1985 season. The following year, the team won the Group C2 World Championship with its Rover-engined successor. Raced into the early 1990s, the unique C285 has been restored to its 1986 colours and configuration and has made several appearance in the Historic Group C Championship.
MINI have offered a first glimpse of the upcoming John Cooper Works Electric. Still shown in concept form, it should enter production in the next couple of years. No performance details were released, just a couple of pictures of the camouflaged test car.
A pioneer in the electric world is Croation specialist Rimac and they are putting the final touches on the upcoming C_Two. Its all-electric drivetrain should be good for a mesmerising 1,914 bhp.

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