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Thread: Donkervoort S8 / S8A / S8AT 1983-1992

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    Donkervoort S8 / S8A / S8AT 1983-1992

    Donkervoort Automobielen BV is a manufacturer of hand-built and ultra light weight sports cars based in Lelystad, Netherlands. The car brand was founded in 1978 by Joop Donkervoort. In 1996, Donkervoort's Ford engines were replaced by Audi engines. Donkervoort's motto "No Compromise" means driving without any electronic aids such as ABS (Anti-lock braking system), Electronic stability program (ESP) or power steering.

    Donkervoort S8/S8A
    Introduced in late 1983, the S8 and later S8A were the first Donkervoorts of notice, with the "Eight" implying an improvement over the Lotus Seven. Of exactly the same dimensions as the Donkervoort Super Seven, these cars originally used a two-liter inline-four engine from Ford of Europe.

    Donkervoort S8AT
    Responding to the need for more power, a turbocharged version of the S8 soon appeared; this car is identifiable by a profusion of various vents and openings to cool the engine.

    Source: Wikipedia
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