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    Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W206) 2021-

    he Mercedes-Benz W206 is the fifth generation of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, produced by Daimler. After its world premiere on 23 February 2021, it will replace the W205 built since 2014

    Like the E and S-Class, the W206 is based on the Mercedes MRA II rear-wheel drive modular system.[3] Compared to the predecessor, there are no engines with more than 4 cylinders. All 4-cylinder combustion engines are equipped with an integrated starter generator (15 kW e-machine) and a 48-volt electrical system. The wheelbase is 2865 millimeters and is therefore 25 millimeters larger than the previous generation. The external length is 4.75 m. There is no halogen light in the headlights.

    The W206 has a new four-link axle at the front and a multi-link rear axle (multi-link axle). Rear axle steering with a steering angle of 2.5 degrees is available as an option; the turning circle is reduced by 0.4 m to 10.6 m with the rear axle steering. The design for the interior is derived from the S-Class (W223). The C-Class also has a central display that is installed as a 9-inch and an 11.9-inch version.

    The smallest available petrol engine is the C 180 with 125 kW (168 hp; 170 PS), as a further power level there is the C 200 with the maximum 150 kW (201 hp; 204 PS) M264, both with 1.5 l Displacement. The C 300 bears the internal designation M254. This has an output of 190 kW (255 hp; 258 PS) and can provide 36 hp in addition for up to 30 seconds (overboost).

    Diesel engines are offered with 147 kW (197 hp; 200 PS) and 195 kW (261 hp; 265 PS). They have a new crankshaft that increases the stroke to 94.3 millimeters and the displacement to 1992 cm3 (previously 92.3 millimeters and 1950 cm3). The turbochargers both have adjustable guide vanes on the turbine and are water-cooled. The C 300d is a variant of the OM654.

    Later, there will be a plug-in hybrid with a petrol engine as well as a plug-in hybrid with a diesel engine, the C 300 de. The C 300de motor can optionally be supplied with the "4MATIC" all-wheel drive. The plug-in hybrid models are electrically powered and have a range of around 100 kilometers.

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