On Sunday, the great Bobby Unser passed away. He was a legend of American motorsport, with his many achievements including winning the Pikes Peak Hill Climb ten times and scoring three Indy 500 victories. He was also crowned the USAC national champion twice. In 1981, he took his final Indy 500 win with this Penske PC9B Cosworth. It was a controversial victory that did not become final until October of 1981. The PC9B was one of Indy racing's first ground effect cars and dominated the season.
In somewhat related news, it was announced this week that Team Penske and Porsche will team up for the upcoming LMDh campaign in the FIA WEC and United SportsCar Championship from 2023 onwards. It will give Roger Penske a unique opportunity to score the Le Mans win that has eluded him so far. This announcement will have the rest of the field worried as the Penske and Porsche partnership has been very successful in the past. That started with Can-Am where the Penske-run Porsche 917/30 absolutely annihilated the competition.
Following a sneak peak offered a few weeks ago, Ferrari have now revealed every detail, including the name, of the limited production Ferrari 812 Competizione. As had already been revealed earlier, it is powered by a naturally aspirated V12 that can rev to 9,500 rpm and has a maximum output of 817 bhp. The front-engined GT is also equipped with a sophisticated rear-wheel steering system. In addition to the Coupe, Ferrari will also produce the open 812 Competizione A.

Enjoy the links:

1974 Porsche 917/30 (917/30-005)

2021 Ferrari 812 Competizione A

1981 Penske PC9B Cosworth