Aston Martin have offered a first update on the Valkyrie AMR Pro since it was first announced at the Geneva Motor Show in 2018. A lot has changed since then, so the current configuration of the upcoming track-only machine is considerably different. The proposed LMH class Le Mans racer has been cancelled but much of the development work done for that version of the Valkyrie has now been incorporated in the altogether more extreme Valkyrie AMR Pro. The hybrid system used on the road car is deleted to reduce the weight of the car considerably. It is also has a slightly longer wheelbase and boasts a very aggressive body kit. In addition to two prototypes, Aston Martin plans to limit production of the AMR Pro Valkyrie to just 40 examples.
Last week, Ferrari introduced the very interesting 296 GTB. It is powered by a wide angle V6 engine with a pair of turbos placed inside the V. An additional hybrid electric system helps boost the power to a combined 818 bhp. The 120-degree V-angle is reminiscent of the 156 Dino F1 that won the 1961 World Championship. A further nod to the classic 'Shark Nose' racer are some exterior design cues on the 296 GT.
Porsche have completed the 992-generation 911 line-up with the introduction of the GTS version. It is powered by a 473 bhp version of the twin-turbo flat-six engine that powers the 'entry-level' 911 models. Among the versions available are the 911 Carrera GTS and the 911 Targa 4 GTS.

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