Ahead of the competition debut in January of 2022, Audi have revealed further details of their new Dakar racer, which is dubbed the RS Q e-tron. It features an all-electric drive train with separate motors for the front and rear axles. The combined maximum output of the two motors is 670 bhp. Due to the relatively long stages and absence of charging stations in the desert, the RS Q e-tron is also equipped with a TFSI petrol engine, which serves as a generator. Based on the competition engine previously used in Audi's DTM cars, it will run at its optimal rev-band to optimise its performance and limit its emissions. According to Audi, the RS Q e-tron is not only intended as a means of winning the Dakar Rally but also serves as a technology platform.
Another new Audi due to hit the track in 2022 is the second evolution of the R8 LMS GT3 racer. It is a subtle refinement of the highly successful competition car. It features upgrades to the aerodynamics, engine characteristics, air condition, suspension and traction control. The R8 LMS Evo II can be acquired as a complete car but Audi will also offer upgrade kits for existing customers.

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