At a special event in New York, Nissan revealed the production of the seventh generation Z sports car yesterday. Now simply dubbed the 'Z', it is powered by a twin-turbo, three-litre V6 engine. Producing 400 bhp, it is mated as standard to a six-speed manual gearbox but customers can also specify a nine-speed automatic gearbox. In addition to the 'base' Sport specification, the new Z is also available with in the so called 'Performance' spec with revised suspension and bigger brakes. For the exterior, the Nissan designers clearly draw inspiration from the first generations of the model with the subtle cues including the shape of the grille surround and the rear lights.
This weekend, the postponed 24 Hours of Le Mans is run and with our minds still on the new Z, we have decided to highlight the Nissan that arguably achieved the Japanese company's most famous result in the event. This is the R90CK Group C racer that was driven to pole position by Mark Blundell back in 1990. The car reportedly suffered from a stuck wastegate but that enabled Blundell to complete his qualifying lap in 3:27, which was a full six seconds faster than any other car in the field. That very car is now in Swedish ownership and has been regularly raced in the Historic Group C Championship as can be seen in our 52-shot gallery.

Enjoy the links:

1990 Nissan R90CK (R90C/1)

2022 Nissan Z