Ever since it was first added to the Porsche line-up, the Cayman has always carefully held back to make sure it would not become a direct rival to the 911. With its superior, mid-engine layout, the potential was always there. With the hardcore GT4 model introduced a few years ago, most of the shackles had already come off and now things will get even more interesting with the soon-to-be-introduced 718 Cayman GT4 RS. Porsche traditionally reserve the Renn Sport moniker for only the most exciting models, so this Cayman should be really special. In the pictures released this week a barely camouflaged prototype is featured. No exact details have been released, but it will be lighter, better handling and more powerful than the already impressive GT4. The one concrete figure revealed already tells quite a story; it is 23.6 seconds faster around the Nürburgring than its smaller brother. More details will be available at the GT4 RS's world debut in November.
More subtle changes have been made to further refine the BMW M135i xDrive. The range-topping model retains its 302 bhp, turbocharged four-cylinder engine but modifications to the dampers and exhaust system should make for an altogether more rewarding drive.
One of the most highly anticipated new cars to make its debut this year must undoubtedly be the Corvette Z06. In no small part this is because of Chevrolet's own efforts by carefully revealing interesting tidbits ahead of the official debut scheduled for October 26. The latest of these tidbits is the fact that the V8 engine fitted to the car can rev to a startling 8,600 rpm. That is actually more than 1,000 rpm over the limit currently imposed by IMSA on the similar flat-plane V8 fitted in the C8.R competition car.

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