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Thread: Unique Cizeta-Moroder, new Nissan GT500 racer and Porsche Gran Tursimo concept ...

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    Unique Cizeta-Moroder, new Nissan GT500 racer and Porsche Gran Tursimo concept ...

    At a special event late in 1988, Jay Leno revealed this Cizeta-Moroder V16T. The V16-engined supercar was the brainchild of Italian engineer Claudio Zampolli, who received backing from legendary music producer Giorgio Moroder. The two men split before production commenced in 1991, making the prototype the only one that was dubbed the Cizeta-Moroder. The car was retained by Moroder and has recently been fully restored by Canepa Design. Now fully roadworthy, chassis 001 has been consigned next month's RM Sotheby's Arizona sale with a $900,000 - $1,200,000 estimate.
    Having used GT-R-based machinery, Nissan Motorsport will switch back to the Fairlady or Z for the 2022 Super GT Championship. Dubbed the Nissan Z GT500 features all new bodywork but under the skin, is a further development of the familiar all-carbon fibre composite and two-litre engined racer.
    Partnering with the legendary Playstation game, Porsche have produced the new Vision Gran Turismo that will star in the upcoming seventh incarnation of the popular racing game. The compact sports car features a fighter-plane inspired canopy that allows access to the cockpit.

    Enjoy the links:

    1988 Cizeta-Moroder V16T (001)

    2022 Nissan Z GT500

    2021 Porsche Vision Gran Turismo
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    The 80s were both figurately and literally a dope time.

    Wow. What a cool car. A testament to over-the-top-ness.

    I hear "I Feel Love" bumping on the FM radio on the French Riviera.

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    Surely Giorgio would include a copy of this pre-installed in the tape deck:
    "Kimi, can you improve on your [race] finish?"
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    I was always entranced by the Cizeta-Moroder since I first learned about it as a kid. What an exotic look, what an exotic name (Weyland-Yutani, anyone?).

    Then I became entranced by Moroder's music in passing. Very cool.

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