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Thread: Spike lugs?

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    Spike lugs?

    Hey everyone,

    I have recently picked up a yellow FJ Cruiser, and I am totally happy I got it, as it was my dream for several years.
    There are certain things I plan on improving about it. Yet, there is one question I am eager to ask you folks. Is here someone who is familiar with spike lug nuts?
    I plan on putting yellow spike lugs on my FJ, yet I have never had them in any of my cars, and do not know much about them.
    Here are my main concerns:
    1) Are they street legal?
    2) Do they make extra noise?
    3) Is it better to pick one- or 2-piece lugs?
    4) What material is better: steel or aluminum?

    Many thanks.

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    Just keeping you posted, folks. I picked up a set of steel lug nuts by Hunting Horse from Amazon last night (just like these spike lug nuts, but in yellow).
    I've read that steel ones are more durable than aluminum. Plus, the paint lasts longer on them.
    Anyways, I will give them a try and install them this weekend. If you are interested in how they look on the FJ, just let me know, and I will share pictures here.

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