British specialist manufacturer Morgan have revived the iconic three-wheeler with the all-new Super 3. While it retains the classic two wheels upfront and one at the back, it boasts a thoroughly modern bonded aluminium monocoque chassis. The Super 3 is powered by a very compact, Ford-sourced three cylinder engine, which is mounted behind the front axle and produces 117 bhp. The exterior design is inspired by the jet age and includes two 'diffuser plats' mounted on either side of the engine bay. These manage the cooling requirements, can be fitted with luggage racks and panniers. The striking Super 3 is available for ordering immediately and deliveries should start in the summer.
Official testing for the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship kicked off on Wednesday at Barcelona with brand new cars built to heavily revised regulations. Not surprisingly, one of the most radical cars on track was the Red Bull Racing RB18. Its many interesting features were carefully hidden when the team launched the livery two weeks ago. These include side-pods with very deep undercuts and pull-rod front suspension. All these key elements are designed to optimise the airflow under and over the car. The RB18 has not featured at the top of the time sheets but we reckon that is only a matter of time.

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2022 Red Bull Racing RB18

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