Lamborghini have created the even more poised, rear-wheel drive Huracán Tecnica. It shares the same 630 bhp V10 with the STO but thanks to the rear-wheel drive only is a full 30 kg lighter. The Tecnica also boasts a more aggressive body package, which helps produce more downforce. Other factors contributing to the car's startling performance are the rear-wheel steering and distinctly tuned driving modes.
In collaboration with Italdesign and Williams Advanced Engineering, DEUS Automobiles have created the striking, high-performance Vayanne. Named after Austria's capital Vienna, the Vayanne is an electric vehicle that features a drivetrain that should be capable of over 2,200 hp. Production will be limited to just 99 examples and the first examples should arrive with the customers in 2025.
Hyundai's luxury arm Genesis debuted the X Speedlum Coupe at this week's New York International Auto Show. Designed by Luc Donckerwolke, this two-door show car offers a glimpse at the future all-electric production cars that will be produced by Genesis in the future.

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