Although rumours of a record-breaking sale surfaced earlier this month, Mercedes-Benz and RM Sotheby's confirmed that one of two Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupes was sold for a staggering 135 million on May 5th. While it was previously unfathomable that the German company would sell one of these exquisite machines to a private customer, it now did so to raise money to establish the Mercedes-Benz Fund. This will provide educational and research scholarships in the areas of environmental science and decarbonisation for young people. A select group of collectors and/or their representatives was invited to bid at the Mercedes-Benz Museum on chassis 00008/55. The second of two built, it has little period history but was more recently restored to full running order and regularly demonstrated. Hopefully, this was not the last we saw of what is now the most expensive car sold at auction by quite a margin.
At this weekend Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este, the BMW Group took the wraps of the all-new BMW M4 CSL and the second of three Rolls-Royce Boat Tail that will be built to custom order. The former is a lightened, limited production M4, which serves to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the BMW Motorsport department. Only 1,000 M4 CSLs will be built. The second Boat Tail was finished to custom order and is understood to have a price tag of well in to the eight figures. The first owner is in the pearling business and three of his most prized pearls have been integrated in the striking machine.
Italian sports car manufacturer Lamborghini is the latest to jump on the LMDh bandwagon. The new prototype is due to start racing in 2024 and should compete in all the major endurances events on both sides of the Atlantic.

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