Earlier this month, we were at the Circuit de la Sarthe for the 10th edition of the Le Mans Classic. First held in 2002, it is a most fitting celebration of the rich history of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Twice postponed, the anniversary event more than made up for the wait. Once again, the competitors could use the full 13.6 track with historic racing cars ranging from 1920s machinery right up to GT cars and prototypes of the 2000s. There were ten different grids, with four in the 'support' program and the other six in the main event, which ran from 4pm on Saturday through to 4pm on Sunday. Each of these six main grids had a 40 minute race in darkness as the groups alternated. Among the support program were Group C and the Endurance Racing Legends, which alone put up a show worthy of visiting Le Mans. Visit the racing fans did as just over 200,000 spectators attended the event, which saw around 750 historic racing cars compete.
We spent almost the entire event trackside and have captured as many highlights as was physically possible in this 190-shot gallery, which serves to illustrate our concise report.

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2022 Le Mans Classic Report and 190-shot gallery