Ahead of the official launch in Paris next week, Alpine revealed the first details of the wild Alpenglow concept. Based on a carbon-fibre composite LMP style chassis, it offers a glimpse at the future. It is equipped by a hydrogen powered drivetrain and the exterior design was sculpted around two hydrogen tanks. The Alpenglow is a reference to the Alpine show car's green credentials.
Earlier this week, BWM took the wraps off the highly anticipated G87-generation M2. Powered by a twin-turbo six-cylinder engine, it can be specified with a six-speed manual gearbox and comes with rear-wheel drive only. The engine itself is based on the unit also found in the larger M3 and M4 but detuned to produce 453 bhp. Compared to the previous generation M2, it is considerably heavier. Among the weight-saving options available are carbon-fibre bucket seats and a carbon-fibre roof. Despite adding quite a few pounds, the BMW M2 stands out as the purest of the 'M' models thanks to the manual gearbox and the use of rear-wheel drive only.

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