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Thread: Ferrari 599 GTZ Nibbio Zagato

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    Ferrari 599 GTZ Nibbio Zagato

    The Zagato 599 GTZ Nibbio was introduced in 2007 by Zagato and was based on the Ferrari 599 GTB. It was limited to only nine units worldwide, seven of which were built with the F1 automated manual transmission and two with the 6-speed manual.
    Two of the ones with the F1 automated manual transmission are spyder.

    RM Auctions ST Moritz - September 2009
    2008 Zagato GTZ Nibbio
    CHF815,000 | Sold
    Chassis No. ZFFFD60B000164839

    • One of only nine examples of the GTZ Nibbio crafted with bespoke carbon fibre bodywork by Zagato
    • Commissioned at a cost of €750,000
    • Powered by a 6.0-litre V-12 developing 612 horsepower

    Addendum: Please note, this car’s bodywork is made from carbon fibre, rather than aluminium as stated in the catalogue.

    Wearing bespoke carbon fibre bodywork by Zagato, this stunning GTZ Nibbio is one of just nine to be restyled by the famous Italian coachbuilder. The current owner commissioned the build in GTZ specification after buying the vehicle in 2015. The work was completed in late-2016, the final bill of no less than €750,000 reflecting the painstaking levels of craftsmanship involved in creating this extraordinary machine. Such was the level of detail that the bespoke Liquid Black colour took Zagato, with input from the consignor, six months to develop.

    Chassis 00164839 was initially constructed in November 2008 wearing standard Pininfarina bodywork. With its 6.0-litre V-12, it was good for a phenomenal 612 horsepower and 448 lb ft of torque, capable of reaching 100 km/h in a scant 3.7 seconds. Its top speed exceeded a frightening 330 km/h. State-of-the-art ceramic brakes meant that deceleration was equally eye-opening, while clever aerodynamics, semi-active dampers and sophisticated traction control were among the features that endowed the car with the very finest road manners.

    While being crafted by Zagato, the structural elements of the original car’s design remained unchanged, yet the bespoke GTZ is awash with clever detailing that pays tribute to its illustrious coach-built forebears. The characteristic Zagato “double-bubble” roof is a key feature as the Nibbio wears its heritage with pride, yet remains an utterly usable high-performance gran turismo for the modern age. Its attractive tan leather interior, finished in a quilted pattern on the seats and around the footwell, combines with the numerous applications of carbon trim and modern switchgear as a reminder that this car belies its age. At the time of cataloguing, the odometer reads 32,081 km. A stunning car that relives the golden age of coach-built thoroughbreds, this remarkable GTZ Nibbio has seen little use since conversion and would make an outstanding addition to any serious collection.
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    GTZ Nibbio #2
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    2009 Ferrari 599 GTZ Nibbio Spyder by Zagato
    €1,400,000 (not sold)
    RM | Sotheby's - PARIS 13 FEBRUARY 2021

    Chassis No.

    • One of just six 599 GTZ Nibbio Spyders built
    • Just under 20,900 km from new, roughly 500 km accumulated after Zagato conversion
    • Completed by Zagato in January 2020
    • Twenty-first century coachbuilding at its finest

    Whilst Zagato is considered by many to be one of Italy’s most respected coachbuilders, over the course of its century-long history the company has had an interesting relationship with Enzo Ferrari, dating back to his racing career at Alfa Romeo, but one which has produced very few cars. Bodying a 166 MM (chassis no. 0018M) as the first collaboration between the two companies, the late 1950’s would see Zagato produce five 250 GT LWB ‘Tour de France’ Berlinettas clothed in Zagato coachwork. These cars are unquestionably the most desirable of the TdF Berlinettas, with each example bearing unique and distinctive features different from its brethren.

    Over the ensuing years, Zagato and Ferrari seldom collaborated as the automotive industry in general moved away from coachbuilding and towards mass-production of bodywork in-house by the manufacturer. Zagato continued to find work with other Italian manufacturers during this time, notably with Alfa Romeo and Lancia, but produced only a handful of Ferraris. Nineteen-ninety saw the production of ten 348 TB Zagato Elaborazione and in the 2000s, there became a growing number of well-heeled automobile collectors looking to design a car to their own tastes. Naturally, some turned to Zagato and Ferrari to make their dreams a reality.

    Japanese Ferrari collector Yoshiyuki Hayashi commissioned two Zagato-bodied Ferrari 575M Maranellos in 2005 (allegedly one was to be used regularly, while the other was displayed in his garage), leading to Zagato producing another four cars for other clients. It should be no surprise that in 2007, with the introduction of the 575M Maranello’s replacement, that Zagato was once again approached to work their magic on a customer’s 599 GTB.

    Dubbed the 599 GTZ Nibbio, customers could have their new Zagato-bodied Ferrari in either coupe or spyder coachwork, and the car offered here is the later. Six spyders were built, all in different colour schemes for their discerning clients and therefore easily identifiable. Its striking design beautifully marries a round, sculpted nose with a sharp, angular tail, a tail starkly different from that of the 575 GTZ, but still instantly recognizable as Zagato’s craftsmanship. Although the double-bubble roof of the coupe is lost in the Spyder, that design cue appears on the spyder’s rear deck.

    Prior to its conversion, the donor 599 GTB was purchased by the consignor in Switzerland from Modena Cars, the official Ferrari distributor in Geneva. It is reported as having been in excellent condition upon purchase, was never involved in an accident and driven only 20,100 km by that time. Its conversion by Zagato was finished in January of 2020. Tastefully finished in a gunmetal grey with a black leather interior, its colour combination is particularly subtle in an effort to give more attention to is incredible bodywork. Other optional extras include the challenge-style wheels, red brake caliers, yellow tachometer, and carbon-fibre steering wheel with LEDs. Following its delivery to the consignor from Zagato, it has been driven roughly 800 km and as such, presents in beautiful condition both inside and out.

    Harkening back to the glory days of post-war coachbuilt automobiles in 1950’s and 1960’s, modern Zagato-bodied Ferraris are seldom offered for public sale. They represent they very pinnacle of 21st century coachbuilding and celebrate an era in which design ruled the road. Having covered just 400 km since its conversion was completed last year, this example is ready for its next custodian and would stand proud in even the finest collections worldwide.

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    GTZ Nibbio Spyder

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    I understand this is a coach built car, but all I keep seeing is surprised catfish.

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