Last night, Lamborghini revealed the complete details of the Huracán Sterrato. The off-road Lamborghini combines a naturally aspirated V10 engine with raised suspension and an all-terrain inspired bodykit. With deliveries starting in 2023, production of the Huracán Sterrato is strictly limited to 1499 examples.
The C8 generation RS 6 Avant and RS 7 Sportback have received the 'performance' treatment. Part of the upgrades are an engine output increase of 30-horsepower and a reduction in weight of eight-kilogram by removing some of the sound-deadening. Available to order from December 8th, both cars will cost €135,000 in Germany.
The latest creation of Danish supercar manufacturer Zenvo is this TSR-GT. Based on the striking TSR-S, it features a low drag body and a more powerful version of the twin supercharged V8. This beast of an engine is now good for a startling 1,360 bhp. Zenvo will produce a limited run of TSR-GTs before introducing a brand-new model towards the end of 2023.

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