Today we have taken a closer look at three Porsche Group C racers. The most sophisticated is this 962C GTi, which was built around a stronger honeycomb aluminium monocoque chassis designed by Nigel Stroud. The featured RLR-200 was the second of five built and raced extensively between 1988 and 1990. Beautifully restored by Katana ltd., it was raced at last year's Spa Classic.
A regular of recent Spa Classics was this 962C, which was originally sold to Japan. Raced only twice in period, 962-166 has been raced more extensively by its current, Dutch owner. It has now been consigned to next month's Artcurial Retromobile sale with a 900,000 - 1,200,000 estimate.
The earliest of the trio is this ex-John Fitzpatrick Racing 956. Built to the later 'B' specifications, it was raced extensively in period and is today painted in the striking Skoal Bandit colours.
Aston Martin is rounding up DBS production with the limited edition DBS 770 Ultimate. Only 499 examples will be built; 300 Coupes and 199 Volantes. As the name suggests, the V12 fitted produces a staggering 770 hp. All DBS 770 Ultimates have reportedly already been spoken for.

Enjoy the links:

1988 Porsche 962C GTi (RLR-200)

1991 Porsche 962C (962-166)

1984 Porsche 956 (956-114)

2023 Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate